How Do I Return a Purchase?

While we would be completely baffled by this we’re here to help.  If you have a used coupon/voucher and you feel like you received unsatisfactory products-services contact us at and we’ll have you happy again in no time.  FYI, we do not refund unused coupons/or vouchers.

Times are tough (Going out of business)?

We know things are tough out there and although we feature reputable local businesses there may be an occasion where the merchant closes their doors before you use your coupon/voucher and you feel stiffed.  Not to worry we’ll make it right and are happy to provide you a full refund in site credits to use on any deal or deals in the future.  Just drop us a note to and we’ll be glad to assist you with this.

What vouchers can’t or shouldn’t do?

  • Can’t be combined with other coupon offers unless specifically stated.
  • Can’t be used to pay sales tax or a gratuity.
  • Can’t be redeemed for cash.
  • Can’t be split into multiple uses.
  • Shouldn’t be used as a fire starter or a napkin.

Disputes between Customers and Vendors.

As mentioned before, the Web Site is just a venue. In the event of any disputes between another user, a Vendor (advertised or not) and/or Vendor's customer, the Company will not intervene on either parties behalf. All disputes, refunds or other events arising between the Vendor and its customers shall be resolved between the Vendor and its customers.

For any disputes between you and the Company, you may contact the Company at The Company will make every effort to resolve your dispute.